Corporate Research Institute

Corporate Research Insititute

  • KRIBS have been leading technology innovation through endless self development by intensive investment on R&D with 5% or more of annual sales.

  • The corporate attached Research Institute organized by specialized workers of the field including master’s and doctorate level are in charge of research & development on core technology. We pursue a diversified development of technology through industrial-educational cooperation projects with prominent universities and Research Institutes.



Cosmetics Production Facilities

Cosmetics Producing Facilities

  • The cosmetics and quasi-drug production facility of KRIBS i positioned at a clean area with heavenly blessed natural environment which is not an industrial complex area where factories are densely entered while all manufactured products use clean underground source water after being refined.

  • Exclusive manufacturing facility of KRIBS is the cosmetic manufacturing facility acquiring the USDA certification mark secured by US Department of Agriculture.

    The USDA grants a USDA certification mark to facilities manufacturing with clean materials in areas that have not used any chemical fertilizers or pesticides within 3 km from the relevant areas for at least 3 years.

    (Registration No. : CU8428810)

  • The exclusive manufacturing facility of KRIBS acquired ISO CGMP 22716, the certification for a facility manufacturing the highest quality cosmetics, from the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). The ISO grants ISO CGMP 22716 to cosmetic manufacturing facilities satisfying its highest safety and quality management standards throughout the entire process of manufacturing cosmetics including manufacturing facility structure, equipment, raw materials, manufacturing process, packaging and sales.

    (Registration No : CA-C-15021)



Functional raw material production

Functional raw meterials production

  • KRIBS’s functional raw material production plant produces unique functional raw materials developed through new material research.
    Based on core technologies such as fermentation technology, cell technology, sterilization technology, and nanotechnology, KRIBS produces unique functional raw materials (ICID) using its proprietary patented technology. Through continuous research and development, new functional ingredients are being produced.



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