Sterilization Tech

Sterilization Technology

The cosmetics manufacture technology that has completely sterilized microorganisms and germs at high temperature. As a patented registered technology by being developed for the first time in the world, the harmful preservatives for human body in no used and differentiates effective ingredient and applying mechanism by type to improve essential natural healing power of skin. It is a high functional therapy beautiful skin care technology restoring into healthy skin.

Relevant patents and intellectual property rights

  • The manufacturing method of non-preservative water soluble cosmetics containing amino acids (Patent No. 10-2013-0006825)

  • The manufacturing method of non-preservative Cosmetics containing active materials for skin care (Patent No. 10-2013-0006825)

  • Cosmetics and cosmetics compositions containing Astragalus membranaceus extract extracted with Chojeong mineral water (Patent No.10-2016-00085334)

  • Manufacturing method of preservative free cosmetics containing purified bee venom (Patent No. 10-2016-0161667)

EWG* (Enbironmental Working Group)


Fermentation Tech

Fermentation Technology

Fermentation Technology speeding up the absorption of natural effective ingredients. The Fermentation Technology ferments oriental herbs and Various natural substances based on bio Conversion technology to be used for Cosmetic. It is a technology which increases functionality and absorption rate by increasing various effective ingredients Such as antioxidant, antiacid and whitener while raising safety by decomposing Various harmful ingredients.

Relevant patents and intellectual property rights

  • Patent on cosmetic composition for improving skin conditions (Patent No. 10-2016-0109731)
  • Development of functional materials by yeast fermentation of phellinuslinteusextract (Patent No. 10-2014-076717)

  • Cosmetic composition containing the fermented Phellinuslinteusextract (Patent No. 10-1677362)

  • Cosmetic composition for improving skin conditions containing fermented aspergillus extract of nothosmyrnium root (Patent No.10-2017-0107651)

  • Bio Conversion Technology
  • Activation of active ingredients without skin irritation
  • Increase absorption rate of active ingredient
  • Herb medicine and various natural products fermentation
Cell Tech

Cell Technology

The cell technology extracting growth energy. As a techonology to cultivate plant cells or stem cells to directly make into cosmetics, it is a technology making healthy skin through transmission of various effective ingredients such as vitamin and antioxidant substances and transmission of energy.

Relevant patents and intellectual property rights

  • Cosmetic composition with antibacterial function (Patent No. 10-2008-0064680)

  • Functional composition with wrinkle decline function (Patent No.10-2008-0064674)

Nano Tech

Nano Technology

The nano cosmetic manufacture technology with high effective ingredient absorption rate and stability!
As a technology raising safety and absorption rate of effective substances based on hi-tech nano technology such as nano particle, nano lipsome or nano capsule, it is techonology to deliver the developed ingredients more effectively to the skin using sterilization, cell and fermentation technology.

Relevant patents and intellectual property rights

  • Cosmetic composition having anti-wrinkle activity containing vitamin A nanoparticle (Patent No. 10-2016-00070590)

  • Cosmetic composition having whitening activity containing vitamin C nanoparticle (Patent No. 10-2016-0006362)

  • Active cosmetic composition containing vitamin E nano particles for reducing wrinkles (Patent No. 10-2017-0039167)

  • Active cosmetic composition containing oil soluble licorice extract nano particles for whitening skin (Patent No. 10-2017-0078794)

  • Poly-gamma glutamic acid derivatives and preparations containing it (PCT/KR2015/006220)

  • Poly-gamma glutamic acid derivatives and preparations containing it (Patent No. 0-1679118)

Capsulation Tech

Capulsation Technology

Active substances lose their efficiency when being exposed to external stimulation including air.
Technology by which a protective capsule film surrounds the active substances contained in cosmetics.
Capsule technology realizes safer delivery effects by thoroughly preventing any potential spoilage of cosmetic substances.

Relevant patents and intellectual property rights

  • Alginate capsule
  • Agar capsule
  • Gelatin capsule
  • Wax capsule
  • Dual capsule


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